Idade das crianças



The NEYA group works consistently to partner up with social solidarity institutions. Such approach is reflected in the donation concept. This support is more than donations and contributions in kind. It includes offering time, work and dedication by channelling our internal resources into helping.

The current instability paradigm demands creativity, behavioural change and adopting new strategies.

Examples are the partnerships with Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Banco do Bebé, Fundação do Gil, Refúgio Aboim Ascensão and Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira.


Thinking of children, NEYA Lisboa Hotel created the initiative Solidary Room together with Centro Hospitalar do Centro de Lisboa.

This aims to provide free accommodation and breakfast to the families of poor children who must leave their residence area for consultations, hospital treatment, or hospitalisation.

More than accommodating, NEYA Lisboa Hotel wholeheartedly welcomes these families, giving them all the time and help needed in those delicate moments of their lives. More than a financial contribution, the hotel shares with these families its structure, the commitment of its employees, service and care from all the organisation, making the hotel into an extension of their homes.

NEYA Lisboa Hotel believes that by helping their family members it is also helping those children, offering them the protection and safety of having their families around in a moment of greater vulnerability.

By the end of 2020, NEYA Lisboa Hotel had accommodated 69 families, making a total of 489 room nights.

Also in this context, NEYA supports health professionals who can enjoy a preferential tariff in the Viva Lisboa restaurant and events held in the hotel.


The tourism sector is one of the sectors with greater impact on the environment. This is why NEYA implements effective practices daily to decrease our carbon footprint. As a sustainable hotel, NEYA is always committed to the quality and excellence of its services by means of a three-way sustainability concept – environmental, economic, and social.

In addition to an effective waste management, all rooms have a container where guests can separate their garbage properly. Bath water is heated by solar panels, using renewable energy instead of natural gas. There are also flow reducers and taps with sensors in common areas to avoid waste.

An electric energy supply contract was entered into with Axpo Iberia, certified by AENOR as Green Energy Class A originated from 100% renewable energy sources, which allowed to reduce carbon emissions resulting from energy consumption.

In partnership with Ponto Verde, carbon emissions are calculated and compensated for annually by planting hundreds of threes to compensate for the CO2 that was released to the atmosphere. This resulted in the Zero Carbon Certification. NEYA Lisboa Hotel is proud to have been the first hotel to be certified by this entity in Portugal.

NEYA supports a “PLASTIC FREE” programme, which contemplates the use of rechargeable amenities and excludes the use of plastic bottles, bags, and straws. Straws were replaced by biodegradable straws, and the hotel is now part of the Anti-Straw Movement.

The guests can also use bicycles to visit the city without using cars or public transportation. There are also conditions for all guests and employees to go to the hotel by bicycle, which include exclusive parking for bicycles in the parking lot. These measures that favour a more sustainable mobility have resulted in the “Portugal Bike Friendly” Certification and the “Portuguese Bicycle Mobility Award” given by the Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism and Bicycle Users in 2018.

NEYA Lisboa Hotel is proud to be contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in the tourism sector and believes that we can make tourism more sustainable with the contribution of everybody.


NEYA aims to improve economic growth by seeking to even the balance of trade in a sustainable way. By valuing the national supply, NEYA aims to increase the purchase of national products by stimulating the internal market.

The Viva Lisboa restaurant is certified by “Portugal Sou Eu”, which ensures that the ingredients used are national. This leads to an annual increase of national menus and ingredients.