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from January 10th


Pursuant to the government directives presented on January 6, 2022, we present below the conditions required for entry into tourist establishments during the Retention Period.

The Portuguese government determined the mandatory requirement of a digital certificate or negative test for access to tourist establishments, restaurants and local accommodation.

Children under 12 are exempt from this requirement.

To stay at the hotel, it is mandatory to present:

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EU COVID Digital Certificate.


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Negative Test, one of a kind:

72H 01 01

PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to presentation.

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Antigen test with laboratory report, performed within 48 hours prior to submission.

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Rapid antigen test (self-test), carried out within 24 hours of its presentation, and must be done in the presence of a healthcare professional.

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Mandatory mask in closed spaces.

Masks are now compulsory in all enclosed spaces and enclosures not excepted by the DGS.

Note: It is not considered valid to perform a rapid antigen test in the self-test modality (even if it is at the entrance of the space).

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